Meet the Biometals

The players get their Biometals

Giro Express was hired by The Guardians to transport four strange crates to them in the Outlands. Giro brought along Aerik, Grey and Rell, and the four of them took the mountain road to the drop off point. Along the way there were attacked by mavericks and, in an attempt to bypass them, Grey rammed the group sending the truck off the road. When the group woke up their truck was in a tree, Giro was no where to be seen and the crates were smashed open revealing their cargo, mysterious rocks known as BioMetals. Soon they met Prairie and the Guardians but before much conversation could take place the mavericks appeared and attacked. In order to protect Prairie (or their own skins) the group MegaMerged and became Mega Men. With their new armor and powers, they defeated the Mavericks that attacked. Still getting used to what they had found, they cut the truck down and tried to drive it to where the main Guardian force would be waiting. They didn’t get very far before they were attacked by a gigantic snake mechaniloid who sprayed acid and crushed their truck. The group worked together and eventually brought the snake down and met with the Guardians. There Fleuve, the science officer, spoke with the group about their bonding with the BioMetals. After getting in a business discussion with Grey, Giro called the group to inform them that he needed Guardian help with a gunship. The group and 3 guardians rushed into the forest to help. They reached the point of the distress call to find a battlefield and 3 lone mavericks. As the group attacked the mavericks, one of the mavericks managed to call a gunship to their point. After the first bomb was drop and the first spray of heavy machine gun fire, the group ignored the mavericks and focused on the gunship. Rell managed to toss one of the mavericks into the propeller but otherwise very little damage was done to the ship. Suddenly a second gunship, heavily damaged and crashing, streaked by with Giro, bonded with Model Z, riding it into battle. Rell managed to toss Grey to the gunship’s cockpit while Giro attacked the gunship’s engines and Aerik arrested the heavily wounded mavericks. The gunship was quickly brought down with Grey being severely injured in the crash. As the group recovered from the battle, Giro informed the group that he has had Model Z, and in fact been a member of the Guardians, for five years. The group teleported to Guardian HQ, a large airship, where Rell took Grey to the medical bay while Aerik met the leader of the guardians… Prairie?



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