The death of a hero

The group decided to join The Guardians and explored their new home. After a short tour and some down time, a call came in. Mavericks were in the city and making their way to Slither Inc. headquarters, the building that provides power to most of the Innerpeace. The group teleported to the freeway while Giro took the back way. They fought their way through several Maverick Joes and a flying, fly shaped, gun ship. When they reached the entrance, they found Giro face down with Serpent, Prometheus and Pandora looking over him inquisitively. Prometheus wanted to attack the group on sight but Serpent decided a better test would be to use the power of Model W to turn Giro into a Maverick. Pandora teleported the trio away and left Maverick Giro to take care of the party. With his last ounce of willpower, Giro asked his friends to kill him.

Although the group tried desperately to find a way to save Giro, they were forced to kill him, with the final blow being dealt by Model Z himself. While trying to get Giros body back to base, Model Z left to find his destiny and Giros Cyber Elf appeared to Aerik. He told Aerik to stay strong and to fight to stop evil.

The group is now in mourning.



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