The Story So Far…

In the year 2360, at the end of The Second Maverick Wars, the world nearly ended. A great cataclysm wiped out 75% of the Reploid population and 50% of the human population. As society began pulling itself back together, humans and reploids began working together for the betterment of all. To ensure that the Maverick wars are never repeated, technology was created to give human being extended lifespans while reploids were given artificial life spans. Human bodies were improved in order to be highly resistant while reploid bodies were given the ability to age and reproduce. Reploids and humans were even granted artificial souls, known as Cyber Elves, in order to strengthen their bond. The differences between humans and reploids became so few that soon they became one race known as Humanoids.

Year 2481: By this time most of the population of the planet had become Humanoids with only fringe elements refusing the change. Civilization was back on track, with the Sage Trinity acting as the government and people living in the safety of the Innerpeace. Unfortunately, the population of humanoids began growing rapidly and soon there was an energy crisis. Steps were taken to conserve, but it seemed to only stall the inevitable and the Sage Trinity knew that drastic measures would have to be taken if a solution wasn’t found soon. Worst of all, reports of the Maverick Virus reemerging began to spread. With the population being at least partially robotic, this came as dire news.

Year 2530: Serpent, an explorer and scientist, uncovers new technology in the Outlands and solves the worlds energy crisis. Being hailed a hero, Serpent started [[Slither Inc.]] to mass produce and distribute (for a nice profit) the new energy source. The world sighed a breath of relief before focusing on the increasing Maverick attacks across the world.

Current Year, 2549: You (the players) are humanoids trying to make a living. You have found work at Giro Express and have known your fellow employees (aka, the players) for at least a week.